* beauty is free *


I keep finding the same thing and trying to remember to not lose it. It’s a bit annoying but also a bit funny. I try to focus on the joy of finding it. It helps that for the majority of the time that it’s lost, I don’t know it is.
I look forward to a time where it will be mostly found.


I can go down rabbit holes pretty well. While I’m in there I can be hard to reach. I quite like rabbit holes.


I listen for the quiet high-pitched call of the black-capped chickadee, the harsh alarm of the black squirrel, the caw caw caw caw of the crow calling me for food, the prehistoric sound of the call of the caspian tern.

Memory Stack

The feeling of speed on my bike, the softness of the clouds at sunset, the smell of the first apple crisp of the Fall, the smell of the old Gestetner copier in my dad’s office, the slightly warm humid feel of the pages when they had just been printed.

Dreams and Aspirations

working with others towards something beautiful

Current Observation

fairy lights on a gnarly branches, a pile of old hard drives, a daytime computer station, the sound of the kitchen being cleaned after dinner.

Emotional Domain

like a newly paved road with potholes

Favourite Things

eggplant corn beans! the fall has begun

Special Place

there’s something about the river. It’s more rugged than the ocean.

True Home

any place where I’m not struggling to stay