Polaroid Collection

Inner Selfie Swag

Tangible merch to evidence the Inner Self – IRL.

Build a collection of selves, and create your very own boxed set of personal multitudes! Or craft a poster of the many Inner-Yous? Or visit your inner self when you open the fridge - with a fridge magnet?


In the 70's Instant Cameras brought the instant self-portrait to anyone, anytime, anyplace. Polaroids were the first instant selfie, and their little square format seemed perfectly suited for Inner Selfies manifested here – little squares of self-representation.

The Polaroid SX-70 - one of the first cameras to support instant photographic self-portraits. 


A Virtuous Cycle – virtual Selves and virtual identities in a virtual gallery...the only virtuous exit from the loop was some tangible IRL-Proof-of-Self – Inner-Selfie Polaroids!

Intro Card

Inner Selfie Intro

(flip over)



Download+print Polaroids yourself from the footer of each Selfie!



Insert Self Here

(flip over)


Inner-Selfie Trading Cards.

Your-Self -Your-Story,
Flip Cards, 9 x 11 cm.

Boxed Set of Inner Selves.

9.5 x 13.5 x 2.25 cm.
Limited edition boxed set, Artist Multiple of 20.
Each contains an assortment of 36 Selves.

The Limited Edition Boxed Set
Boxing the 20 boxed sets on Boxing Day, 2022

Start a Collection!

Visit with your Self over time and gather evidence here

Build a collection of representations and get a boxed set!

Or put together your own mix'n-match collection of identity

Get in touch.

fridge magnets

Square Magnets. 5 x 5 and 7 x 7 cm.
Visit your Inner Self every time you open the fridge
Remind yourself to look inside!  

Inner Selfie Fridge Magnets
Inner Selfie Fridge Magnets

Large-format Poster

61 x 92 cm.
A poster with 75 selfies.

Inner Selfie Poster