bloom boom!


I lost a sense of things lasting forever. Not sure when that happened. After a few sudden changes, you get the hint ya know? But from that I gained a sense that I could just keep on going and train to be nimble with change.


I'm pretty good at seeing the grey areas. That can be a gift and a challenge.


These days I'm letting soundcloud direct my listening while I work. A little while ago it played a 2 hour show of ecstatic dance. That was interesting.

Memory Stack

recently finding elderflowers! I love elderflowers. I put them in my jacket hood and biked home with their fragrance in the wind.

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of a world that is not so reactive.

Current Observation

quiet. The sound of an airplane in the distance. Hissing in my ears. Dim living room.

Emotional Domain

maybe like a stream finding its way to the ocean? Purposeful with some great patterns but somewhat unpredictable.

Favourite Things

oh right now I'm digging elderflower cordial with ginger and mint.

Migration Sequence

I like it here in Vancouver. It's good to be close to the ducks and the trees.

Special Place

I love the pond.

What is the Self?

Sometimes it feels like a loopback thought, a micro-story based on memory.