Dark turmoil in the continum of space


I have lost worries about perfection but gained uncertainty


My gifts are loving people for who they could be and writing about them. My challenges are facing criticism and hardship without stress


Diddy Bop - Noname
Pink + White - Frank Ocean
First Class - Jack Harlow

Memory Stack

Feeling the waves crashing over my toes at a Hawaii beach, except the sand is charcoal black and there are pores and craters in the oceanland. Imperfect and beautiful.
Listening to some fun music on the road with my dad who thinks a lot of my same things.

Dreams and Aspirations

Always staying connected to things that cause havoc in the world so that I feel motivated to fix it. Also, I want to stay in touch with the amazing things about people in general

Current Observation

That I’m being honest with myself and that is making my heart warm and soaring

Emotional Domain

A crashing ocean of chaos , sometimes with rewarding bits of treasure along the way, waves parting to allow a safe path across the land

Favourite Things

Mexican tacos in the streets and the smell of Indian lobster and pork filling my grandma’s kitchen

Migration Sequence

Hawaii, because its my safe place where I feel I can finally wind down.
The whole of the US, because I was born there but it is also the place where I want to harbour my skills to be able to connect with hurt people.
Finally, Toronto, because I have so many friends here and a home to live. Its been my forever memory place.

Special Place

The younger kids section of my school, where my friends and I used to play pretend and could easily pass for different personas. It was creative but it also made me happy and comfortable in my body.