follow your nose!


So I lost a job recently...or really it lost me. Like most things it's relational. The link just fizzled.
I found peace. A deep kind of peace that I never knew was possible. It's teaching me to just be kind.


I am pretty good at staying curious, following my nose. Someone once told me "all's good in the end, and if it's not good it's not the end."

Seems like the depth of that quote hinges on the definition of good. All being good might just have to do with seeing the details of what is and making peace with it. The last part of the quote then urges us to keep looking.

I'm challenged by a deep love of contemplation that is not well integrated in the contexts I find myself in. Sometimes I get to a place of loneliness because I got caught in a raging river and forgot to talk to the trees.


Marie-Jo Thério, Lhasa De Sela, Coltrane, Nick Cave, Neko Case

Memory Stack

Recently I smelled the scent of fir trees. It was so incongruent to smell the sweet scent of the forest in sunlight, in a parking lot, knowing these trees were breathing out some of their last breaths.
Like I recently told my good friend Munro "sometimes life is like watching a gorgeous sunset on the lake with someone you love while being eaten alive by mosquitoes."

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of people rowing together in a federated world. Wouldn't that be nice? A variety of currents with some more or less local common goals.

Current Observation

Feet in multi-coloured slippers knit by some nice people in North Vancouver. An empty mug with a spoon resting inside. Reflections of fairy lights in the window. The sound of tires on salted roads. Distant bark of a dog. The ringing in my ears.

Emotional Domain

Placid lake with canoes here and there.

Favourite Things

These days I'm fond of Celeriac. A sweeter, base tone of flavour than the plant it is part of. Anything cinnamon brings me a sense of anticipation. Quinces!

Migration Sequence

Home is a place you can rest for a while. It's a place where there is enough known that you can make new things up without feeling overwhelmed.

Special Place

I remember Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia. I remember standing on the bare rock and feeling the wind, hearing the waves crash. I could feel I was on the edge of chaos.