good foundations


I lost my hearing in one ear suddenly this morning. Maybe I’ll get it back. I gained a bit of space recently. I’m sure it will fill up. Sometimes I am really aware of nothing belonging to me at all. I am graced by the presence of many beings and things for a time. I am the custodian, the maintainer, the sheer appreciator.


I listen well most days. I can follow directions. Sometimes too well. I can be obsessive then forget about everything I’m leaving behind. I don’t think of texting as real-time per se. This upsets many. I don’t mind spontaneous offers to dance.


I heard William Prince for the first time yesterday on my birthday. I thought it was really sweet for that moment. Sometimes Ani diFranco hits it just right too.

Memory Stack

The feel of wet cedar under my fingers as I was weaving a bracelet. The look of my counter filled with a show of love from a friend…a bouquet of gifts and wild flowers. The taste of a sweet chocolate birthday cake. The excitement of a young woman leaving by herself on a bit trip for the first time. The feel of a transition unfolding.

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of gracefully moving from love to love

Current Observation

my neighbours having a get together…quiet but excited conversations. Seagulls in the distance. Helicopter. My living room as I left it a month ago. My plants begging me to not let them go thirsty. Many cables.

Emotional Domain

A little flat…waiting for some kid to come by with a toy boat.

Favourite Things

Puget crimson strawberries. Rhubarb from my mother’s garden. Rose water. Fresh greens. Crunchy vegetables.

Migration Sequence

Sometimes you think you’re coming home because that’s what your ticket says. But it feels like you’re heading away from home.

Special Place

I remember the fireflies in Florence. And the sound of the roosters in the morning.

True Home

When I’m walking slowly with a friend