I'll be your hero but only for one day

From the mind and hand of Junita Jadisco/ En/ Action/Big Picture


I lost the scent of the trail once. It seemed pretty bleak. Then I found a ladybug and she seemed ok.


I find joy in little things. I sometimes stay still for way too long.


Nick Cave and the bad seeds.

Memory Stack

The feeling of sour candies on my cheeks.

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of a world that slows enough to be less aggressive.

Current Observation

A pile of books. Actually a couple piles of books. Still an empty tea cup.

Emotional Domain

Right now it feels like a windswept sand dune.

Favourite Things

I have a love hate with apricots. Like they can be so delicious but then you get one that sticks to the roof of your mouth. Ugh. Best to blend them into a puree and freeze for breakfast in the winter.

Migration Sequence

The warmth of my mother's arms. I don't remember it but I know it was good. The many trips to the nearby forest. The makeshift camps me made. So many little cities we built in our minds.

Special Place

There is a crow watering hole near Jericho Beach. It's really nice.

True Home

Where my friends are.

Future x/10


Agency: x/10