Neither here nor there or both


I lost a bit of time. I found some space.


I'm good at staying calm. I can't tell right from left. That distinction has never made any sense to me.


A real analog radio for sure! Those dials and the surprise of finding a station in a foreign city. And using your body as an antennae. What's not to love.

Memory Stack

A fireplace remaining long after the house around it was torn down. The call of  a loon. The feel of a rooster in my arms. A sunset as beautiful in the sky and on the water it plays with.

Dreams and Aspirations

I would love to give at least one guaranteed 5 minutes of peace per day to every being on earth. Just so we all know what it feels like.

Current Observation

A very large fig tree that will never bear fruit. Several lovely paintings of flowers overflowing their frames. A cube library full of book on three sides.

Emotional Domain

Slumpy but buoyant

Favourite Things

Pickles! Especially the fermented ones. Japanese pickles. Polish pickles.

Migration Sequence

Home is where things are neither too hot or too cold.

Special Place

Watching the sun set at Norway Point.

True Home

When I saw wild strawberries today, I felt at home.