Once decided, all or nothing


Lost familiar streets and homes full of quiet memories
Found the ability to take comfort in my own skin and love


In me runs a deep, and at times, overwhelming currents of affection for the things and the ones around me.
I'm afraid of accepting affection for the responsibilities and the consequences that come with acceptance.


Forget About - Sibylle Baier
Skins - The Haunting
Cómo me quieres - Khruangbin

Memory Stack

low saturated glow of the floor lamp, soft suede couch getting warm under the skin of my neck, humming to don't watch me cry by jorja smith and feeling the smoke of the hookah caressing my closed eyelids

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of floating in the lake and watching the sunset paint the clouds in vibrant hues of orange

Current Observation

Thinking about the lyrics "you make me forget about have, want, exert"

Emotional Domain

a sea of currents, sometimes steady and tender, other times overwhelming and harsh

Favourite Things

Onions and garlic, the warm smell of freshly laundered sheets, early morning smell of dew drops on mowed grass, old bookstore scents, the feeling of fingers running through hair

Migration Sequence

Vancouver, New York and Toronto
What makes a home.... If you got on a bus with no preplanned destination, would you feel lost or have an idea of where you could end up?

Special Place

The hidden cove on Kitsilano beach and that wooden log facing the horizon