Pay Attention and Emit Positivity


found it is better to accept what is and adjust your sails


My gifts are clarity of thought and ability to synthesize


Eric Satie's Gymnopedies

Memory Stack

a double decker ice cream cone shared with my son on a hot day in a beach town while sitting on the curb after making sandcastles and exploring tidal pools filled with fat spiky sea urchins

Dreams and Aspirations

of living well and laughing with good friends

Current Observation

a Calder-esque mobile suspended and drifting slowly over my head in primary shades of blue, yellow, red

Emotional Domain

The mirrored surface of a lake

Favourite Things

Food: Any type of homemade soup. Smell: mock orange  (the flower) Fruit: Nectarine.  I am more like a short and delicious homemade bowl of soup but aspire to be a tall delicate sprig of mock orange in a perfect crystal vase

Migration Sequence

Toronto/Vancouver.  Home is home after the art has been hung and you invite folks over for dinner to catch up over good wine followed by rich dessert and good coffee.

Special Place

Walking along the Vancouver Sea Wall on a perfect sunny day.