the prophetic present


I lost a lot of fear along the way. It still shows up but now it doesn’t stick around any longer than it should. when it leaves somehow love is always nearby. That’s a nice find.


Someone once compared me to one of those bouncy clowns that you hit and they come right back up. I had one of those clowns when I was a kid. Perhaps I learned something from that clown.
I am challenged by a fear triggered by constraint. That fear is out of proportion.


Actually these days I’m not listening to a lot of music. Audiobooks yes. I was listening to Lewis Hyde a moment ago and he mentioned the “prophetic present”as a tense used to reference to something that has been for a very long time and will be for a very long time. This present seems prophetic.

Memory Stack

The calm of “the office”…the ocean still, the tree leaves still, the voices still. The sight of the sky at sunset when it’s been a grey day but it is clearing. The pink texture of the remaining clouds announcing maybe? some blue tomorrow. An admission that right now it would be ok to die. That peace is here.

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of gracefully moving from love to love

Current Observation

I’m loving my new name, Geronimo Leap Squirrel. I think I’ll keep it. I’m seeing my living room which has. many of my favourite things in it. Some sculptures I made that feel like archetypes. Some books of artists I admire. Some succulents that really don’t ask for much. CDs! What does one do with CDs.

Emotional Domain

still with some rhythmic waves

Favourite Things

Food that is prepared with attention, precision, love. Flavors that surprise like a pear in a stew. Collaborations with bacteria.

Migration Sequence

I’ve been in Canada mostly and I feel how big the world is. How much I don’t know.

Special Place

The Pacific Spirit forest. Also Point Pleasant park in Halifax.

True Home

Anywhere I can belly laugh