there's a bug in my head!


I lost a little bit of muscle mass. I gained a pretty nice web app!


I tend to learn things pretty quick. I also forget them quickly. It's like I have this notion that it's all coming from the same place. New skills intersect in some pretty interesting ways.


Cold Specks gave me some comfort recently

Memory Stack

a warm cuddle by a friend
the taste of homemade concord grape gelato blended with homemade rhubarb and rose compote
the sound of the whistling wind
the feel of moving with less pain than just a few days ago

Dreams and Aspirations

I dream of many joyful people dancing

Current Observation

a giant fig tree that sometimes acts as a christmas tree
so many books...sorted by many topics!
a pink meditation cushion...fireworks of pink

Emotional Domain

poised for something....

Favourite Things


Migration Sequence

Halifax was the first time I was on my own. In some ways, that was a first home.

Special Place

Wherever I can hear birds

True Home

I feel at home in a space I can dance in