!tulip broadcast to all women!


I lost my sense of humour...fear got in the way. I got it back and committed to more buoyancy next time.


I am pretty good at understanding how mechanical things work. I get stuck with people sometimes.


These days I'm liking Vulfmon.

Memory Stack

I remember a long walk on the mountain. We spotted a rock in captivity and saved it. We were late for the fireworks and we didn't care. A floating castle turret on the water was maybe moving or maybe not. A floating discarded bottle could have been a surveillance device. For a moment we could see a good world and believe in it. This is good.

Dreams and Aspirations

Recently I dreamt that I battled marketers by traveling to other dimensions. My weakness was my love of animals. They exploited that mercilessly. But their weakness was the word "no".  I learned quickly.

Current Observation

People lying on blankets in the park. Trees in the full green dress of summer. Soccer players in training. Squirrels scurrying and gathering. Sparrows chirping. A red fire hydrant.

Emotional Domain

Clear ocean water waiting for the tide to ebb.

Favourite Things

tomatoes and basil. Made for summer flavour.

Migration Sequence

For a while I lived in a yellow trailer in Florida. That felt like a home.

Special Place

Pacific Spirit forest

True Home

When I'm quiet