wanna be a tribe?

From the mind and hand of Homadeus Traipsy/ Op/ Process/Details


I lost my faith in no-code solutions. I found a friend in Airtable.


I have the gift of persistence. I have the challenge of letting go.


I like simple acoustic guitar

Memory Stack

The smell of lilacs seems so special

Dreams and Aspirations

A no-bug solution

Current Observation

A long extension cord...is that a metaphor for something? An empty tea cup.

Emotional Domain

Like swallows at dusk

Favourite Things

These days I like hot mustard on cornbread. Weird?

Migration Sequence

Uterus (that was nice), broad daylight (oof!), lots of in betweens, now in Vancouver.

Special Place

I quite like Montreal

True Home

The forest

Future x/10


Agency: x/10