when do you call it?


I've lost many many things, it's like shedding - and I've found that I didn't need them after all


I came with the gift of gab, and yet, I'm challenged by preferring to stay silent. Is this a pair o docs?


Leonard Cohen, Laurie Anderson, Lana del Rey, Lucinda Williams, just to scratch the itch of the letter 'L' . As a kid I liked the song Popcorn, but was truly mesmerized by Janis Joplin - and her album was bright transparent indigo with an orange label.

Memory Stack

I believe I do have a sixth sense... I seem to recall one, but maybe I forget.

Dreams and Aspirations

Bali hai is calling... come away, come away.

Current Observation

what - only halfway? I hear an airplane, someone opening a gate outside. I'm aware of feeling not quite right, and that it also feels like a pair of old slippers. Its warm, the birds are chirping, the sun is considering setting - it feels prolonged yet peaceful

Emotional Domain


Favourite Things

I'd like to be someone's fave vegetable, haha - a person/vegetable that would match my fatigue(s).

Migration Sequence

wow - too many to mention!

Special Place

the chuyulu hills are pure magic. Rolling hills sitting on top of a cliff, facing a huge mountain (Kilimanjaro) that sits across the divide of the Great Rift.

True Home

It's a memory - I should have written it down in that earlier question.